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the Clear to close

We help Loan Officers save time and close more deals with end-to-end lead generation.

No Cold Calling. No more relying on agents.


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How It

From lead generation to automatic followup, we offer an end to end service to ensure your success and maximize your time properly!

These are Mortgage Leads done right.

What We Can
Do For You

Facebook Ads

Market your business on a platform with over 2 billion users.

Unique Branding

There's a mortgage broker on every block. We make sure our clients stand out from the crowd!

Ad Optimization

Continuously researching the best possible campaigns to maximize lead qualifications.

Sales Resources

We provide you with the best possible script to approach our leads

Automated Campaigns

The money's in the follow up! We create automated campaigns that are proven to generate appointments.

Don't take our Word for it

Sam T.

Sun Mortgage
“We've tried buying leads in the past and didn't think any different this time... EJ and his team have blown it out of the water so far”

Lisa Wells

Mortgage Intern.
“I'm already working on 3 pre-approval letters from the first day of working with EJ”

Ava-Rose Hanson

Ideal Lending Solutions
"We couldn't keep up with the appointments... We had to spread the budget even further than we thought!"

Meet The
Dream Team



I started the company as a mission to end outdated prospecting and bring the Industry into the now.

Simon Cov.


I work on market strategies and campaign optimizations. My job is done when diamond quality leads come in for dirt cheap.

Scott Palmer


I work closely on the branding for each and every officer to guarantee a personal experience 

Let's Create

Amazing Things

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